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Democrats are in Denial — Reckoning with Reality in the Age of Trump

Acting effectively sometimes requires us to embrace multiple, conflicting understandings of the world around us. Democrats are failing to appreciate how much politics in the US has changed – February 2020.

When Leaders Fail Us

Vulnerable people need psychiatrists who can centre an understanding of what we experience, not the experiences of those who are stigmatizing us – December 2019.

My Mad Anniversary

A detailed history of my first thirty years of psychiatric treatment, with a focus on the consequences of diagnosis and what self-directed care and use of psychotropic medication can look like – February 2020.

Mania, Madness and Meaning-Making

An account of my second experience of mania with a focus on ideas around meaning-making, power and their significance to the social project of sanity – February 2020.

(Anti) Suicide Poem

A personal poetic reflection on love and relationships and their role in preventing suicide. Also crisis support lines around the world.

Fixing Psychiatry

Some thoughts on the uncomfortable fit of psychiatry within medicine and the impact on patients – first posted February 2015.

A Privileged Experience of Madness

A brief discussion of the telling of personal stories, a bit of my personal story highlighting ways in which I have been fortunate, and why it matters –  December 2019.

Colorism and Black Identity – a response to Kenya Barris

A perspective on the consequences of making dark-skinned Blackness invisible based on my family history and experiences living in several societies defined by colorism  –  December 2019.